23rd Birthday!!

How young is too young to start lying about your age? “I’m 22” just sounds so much better than “I’m 23.”

So yeah, today’s my birthday. I’m excited to celebrate in a low-key way. Chinese take-out for dinner and then going to see The Help with my mom, aunt & sisters. I just finished the novel 2 weeks ago and loved it – I expected a lot of fluffy melodrama, but it was frank and poignant. Definitely worth the read. Plus Kathryn Stockett’s a Phi Mu! Lion pride!

Tomorrow night I’m going to Buffalo Wild Wings with a couple of friends. Between work, editing, shooting a music video, exercising and cleaning out my room, I don’t do anything in my spare time but sleep. So it’ll be nice to go out and enjoy a couple beers!

Half my family was born in August and then there’s me in September, so we always do one big celebration for everyone, usually about a week before my real birthday. I already opened my gifts last Thursday – and they are all AWESOME.

From Mom and Dad, I got some super cute boots. I’m not really a shoe gal – I like looking, but I’m happy wearing Chucks or Docs. But I really wanted a good pair of riding boots for dressier outfits, and these are perfect! (Comfy, too!)

Mackenzie likes them too!

From my Aunt Sue and Uncle Kenny I got a mini-fridge!! When I do my own grocery shopping I always put my name on everything (I can’t afford to feed the scavangers) and my produce takes up a lot of space, which is annoying for everyone. Now I have my own personal fridge! I’m keeping it in the basement – very convenient because I can keep my water bottles nice and cool while exercising!

Looking pretty sad. I really need to go grocery shopping!

Then there’s my BIG present – a ticket to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway!!!!!!! I’ll try to deny it, but I am a musical fangirl (just very picky about my shows) and Matt Stone and Trey Parker are pretty much my biggest heroes. Mormon tickets are insanely expensive and practically impossible to get, but Mom ordered a pair months ago. My sister Annie and I are going in December, my favorite time to go to NYC! I’m stoked!

Mom’s been cleaning out the basement and sorting through all our crap. While going through some of my old boxes, look what was uncovered:

Aww, yeah! Sailor Jupiter keychain! This is totally going on my wristlet. Now I keep listening to this over and over (dare you not to dance!):


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  1. Happy Birthday! Sailor Jupiter keychains must go for big bucks on eBay. You should check it out. Enjoy your day.

  2. 1. i am NOT a scavanger, just a hungry child
    2. u dared me not to dance, well HA! i didnt and i wont, listening to the sailer moon theme song makes me almost as naceous as any “CATS” songs, thanks to you and the other blonde.
    3. you said nothing about ur card from ur favorite sister kelly and im slightly offended.
    4. HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!xoxo

  3. Annalyn O'Grady

    Very well written…for nerd.
    And you can’t deny that since you DO have a Sailor Jupiter keychain. Pfft.
    And Kelly, you secretly loved Courtney and mine’s obsession with “Cats”. Accept & embrace it, it’s ok.
    Happy birthday again! Can’t wait to keep following your blog!

  4. Happy Birthday, Big!
    As I listen to that song, I create an image in my head of you dancing like you did when they played Boom Boom Boom Boom (I Want You In My Room) at formal two years ago. Amazing.

    Also, that Sailor Jupiter keychain is pretty kickass.

  5. Happy Birthday! I liked this blog even more than the last. Cant wait to read the next! xoxo

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