It Lives! For Now, Anyway

So there have been 0 blog updates for 3 weeks. There have also been 0 blog readers for 4 weeks, so at least I haven’t been neglecting devoted followers. (To those of you who are reading this: Hi, Immediate Family! Is it my week to clean the bathroom?)

So what’s happened since I last posted? Well…

That Tracy Anderson DVD Kelly and I needed arrived in the mail a few days earlier than expected. We were very excited about that and sent thank-you emails to customer service – that company is really on top of it.

It's good to have you back, you elf-like, maniacal little fitness nazi.

I finished Day 40 yesterday, but I’m taking a break to do some other workouts for a couple of days. The weather’s been really nice and crisp, so I’m trying to do some of my Couch to 5K training. This morning I got up at 5:30 am (WHA!?!?!?!) and managed 7 miles of 90-second jog/walk intervals in just about 70 minutes. Then a half hour of yoga to stretch and cool down.


Annie got a job with AmeriCorps. She gets to spend the next 10 months in Backwoods, MD, chopping down trees and living off of food stamps — the High Life. Kidding aside, this is actually a fantastic opportunity for her. She’ll do the kind of work she wants to do, learn outdoorsy skills, meet new people, and get a more-than-decent chunk of her student loans paid off by working taxpayers such as myself the government! (I’m totally not bitter.) She moved out this morning and already I’m missing her like crazy. And measuring her bedroom so I can turn it into my own personal DVD library.


My niece Delaney got baptized this past Sunday! Such a big day for the little girl! And for me, because despite my questionable morals, Caitlin and Josh asked me to be Godmother! I’m not sure what that means now that the baptism’s over (I imagine something to do with orange-hued produce… think about it; it’s a good double-reference) but for Sunday I had a few duties to perform – changing Laney into her Christening gown, presenting her at the altar, giving her a cross necklace and pretending to still be Catholic. Thankfully the baptism went by much faster than I expected. Laney was awesome – she only fussed a little bit and was by far the cutest baby there. She was totally flirting with the boy in the pew behind us. He’s 11 days younger than her, so it looks like we’ve got a budding cougar on our hands.

For the reception we had a lunch buffet at the Stone Grill, which has the greatest food ever. I tried a little bit of almost everything and loved it all. I may have loved dessert a little too much. Especially the fudge… and now I can never eat fudge again. (Lies; I will eat it forever.) But seriously, it was painful for a few hours. Does that stuff expand in your stomach or something?

Other than my pitiful lack of self-control, it was a nice experience. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, Laney made out like a bandit as far as gifts and money were concerned (maybe I should get re-baptized?) and the restaurant loaded us with enough leftover roasted potatoes to last a week. Jack. Pot.

For giggles, here are some pictures of Delightful Delaney:


Fresh out the womb, already a master smizer.

Keepin' it classy.

Partying like a rockstar.

Work that floppy hat, girl!


Well, I guess that’s a fair update on my life. There’s been other stuff going on, but nothing of particular note (notice how all the good stuff in my life revolves around my sisters? Is it because I have an awesome family, or because I can’t make anything good happen on my own?) I do feel bad about not blogging. When I started this, I really wanted to dedicate myself and prove that I can stick to a project. It’s been hard motivating myself when I know nobody’s reading, like it’s a pointless waste of time. But I don’t want this thing to die just yet, so I’mma just do my thang for a while. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave feedback!


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  1. Little!!! I love you and miss seeing you!! You will be at homecoming, right???


    • Miss you too, Big!!!! I think so! Like, 94.2% sure I’ll be there! I’m just a little hesitant since it’s Halloween weekend… :/ If I don’t go, I’ll come down the next weekend to see people! 😀

  2. I personally would like u to write ur next blog around our Disney itinerary!

  3. i am a dedicated reader! gosh! and laney is adorbs and way to go on that exercise and and and (too many?) anyways…i am job hunting away. i think when i’m wonderful and rich and famous i’m ONLY going to employ kids straight out of college. i won’t pay them well. but hey, a job is a job! ❤

    • I heart that idea so hard! (Can you employ me too? Or just let me live with you & eat your food? That’s all I need.) Good luck on the job hunt!!! And thanks for reading!!!! 😀 ❤

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