Disney Vacation Recap – Day 2

(Read about Day 1 here.)

Animal Kingdom opened early on Friday morning, so we made plans to be ready to head out by 7. We arrived a little bit after they started letting resort guests in, but already it was PACKED. My parents, Caitlin and Josh wanted to buy a new outfit for Laney at one of the stores so they handed their park passes to the rest of us so we could snag some Fast Passes for Expedition Everest. We reconvened at a food stand for coffee and a short break before our Fast Pass time came up.

I like telling people I've conquered Everest multiple times in my life. Makes me seem much more impressive than I actually am, which is already "very (not.)"

Everest is without a doubt my favorite thrill ride in all of WDW. I love looking out and seeing the landmarks at all of the other parks – you can see the Tower of Terror, Spaceship Earth, and even Cinderella’s Castle from miles away. Before Everest was built, AK was probably my least favorite park, but this one ride shoots it up to the #2 position (EPCOT will always win.)

After Everest, we decided to check out the Africa section of the park where we hiked along an animal viewing trail and hopped aboard Kilamanjaro Safari. I’ve only ever been on the safari once before because it usually has a humongous line, but I forgot how great it is! It’s a nice, long ride worth waiting for, and you get to see some really beautiful animals.

I named him Hugh Jackman, because he's so handsome.

We saw almost everything except the lions and ostriches, I think (disappointing because lions kick ass, but still really cool seeing everything else!) Our “safari guide” was really spirited and just as excited as we were over all the creatures – I just really love it when you can tell someone’s enjoying their job, and her attitude was contagious. Laney was the best part, though. She loved the bumpy ride and all of the different things to look at.

"These animals are so lucky they get to see me."

On our way to DinoLand we saw that Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger were taking pictures. Laney loves the furry characters, but she loves having her picture taken even more, so we had to stop by!

She tried to eat Pooh’s nose…

"How do I fit this in my mouth?"

drooled on Eeyore’s ear…

"It contains my DNA -- cherish it."

and attempted to steal Tigger’s glove.

"C'mon, let me have it. I need a sweet Halloween costume."

I got my picture with Tigger too. He’s my second favorite Disney character (after Stitch), so why not?

Because I need to not make a fool of myself in public anymore. That's why not.

After we hit up Dinosaur, everyone else was hungry for lunch. I decided to skip out because I wasn’t too hungry and was trying to save room for the Food & Wine Festival at EPCOT. Bad choice. The line to order was huge, then there was a wait for the food itself, then I had to wait for everyone to finish eating, get to the bus stop, wait for our bus to come along, drive to EPCOT, then run halfway across the park to World Showcase… I ended up getting my first bite and hour and a half later then I had planned, and I was starved.

After getting my tummy nice and full from the first couple of Festival stalls, we headed to Future World for Test Track and Mission: Space. Caitlin and Josh had to take Laney back to the cabins for a change between EPCOT and AK, but they met up with us soon enough. While waiting for them, we watched a skywriter leaving messages about Jesus and stuff like that. It was kind of bizarre, especially since they used Internet l33t speak.

I know my calculus. It says U + God = Avoiding Eternal Damnation in the Pits of Hell.

After we all got together, the adults (Mom, Dad, Sue and Kenny) took Laney back to the resort and the five of us “kids” ventured off to enjoy the Festival. You can read my thoughts on it here.

It was a crowded day at the parks, but we made out pretty well. I had to turn in for an early bedtime again; I had to be up early for a full day of Hollywood Studios, the Boardwalk, and more EPCOT fun!

Also: I saw an owl!

I named him Theodore Roosevelt, because he's the coolest ever.


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  1. That Laney you keep posting photos of is adorable. She must have a beautiful mother ;). Oh you forget to mention how she pooped all over herself as soon as we got there and that’s why she needed new clothes.

    • I wasn’t sure if it was okay to reveal that detail, or if her wonderful, gorgeous, talented, intelligent, and oh-so-modest mother would be embarrassed! 😉

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