A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

No Disney Recap today – I actually did some stuff worth blogging about.


This morning was the annual Walk to Cure Diabetes charity event hosted by the South Jersey JDRF chapter, and I registered to volunteer. My friend Ashley works for the chapter, but her family has actually been participating in the Walk for a few years since her brother is diabetic. I’ve done the Walk with them before, but I was excited to participate in a new capacity. My other friend Becky registered as well and Ashley made sure we were assigned to the same area!

Becky picked me up at 7:30 and we were at Campbell’s Field in Camden by 8. I got giddy when I spotted Mr. F, my 8th grade history teacher, directing traffic for the event! After signing in, the people at the volunteer tent gave us our uniforms (red t-shirts and blue hard hats,) a giant “Cure Under Construction” sign, and some basic directions – our main job was to stand at our assigned spot and direct the walkers along the route whilst cheering them on. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my map and Becky accidentally threw hers out, so we got a little confused as to where we were supposed to be. But after asking around we ended up in a nice, sunny spot by the Port-A-Potties!

You don't have to say it. I know you're jealous of our sweet view.

The day started off freezing, but the rising sun helped us out, as did dancing to the live band playing way across the marina! The Walk went by much faster than I thought, and when the last of the Walkers passed us by we decided to follow them out and get in some exercise.

When we got back to the volunteer tent, we got to talk to Ashley for a bit. It’s always interesting to see someone you know well in a different environment than you’re used to seeing them in – Ashley had a huge job organizing everything for the Walk (she’d been up since 4!) but she was totally kicking ass and taking names. It’s awesome that she accomplished so much, but I’m mostly happy that she won’t be so crazy busy and will have more free time to hang out!

Adventures in South Jersey

After snagging some free bananas and water from the fuel tents, Becky and I set out. We decided it was too early to head home (11:30) and instead chose to have a vehicular adventure. We drove around Cherry Hill and Haddon Heights for a while, and Becky showed me her old house and the awesome park right outside the neighborhood. Then we went to Collingswood and decided to stop for lunch and do some window-shopping.

I love Collingswood; it’s a quaint town filled with Mom-&-Pop shops and restaurants, very reminiscent of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. I’d love to live there someday! I’ve been there a few times before, but always to catch a train into the city or eat at the Pop Shop, so it was awesome to actually walk around and see what else Collingswood has to offer.

Not the Jersey you see on Reality TV.

Becky suggested we go to the Tortilla Press for lunch. Solid choice – there were at least 6 items on the menu I wanted to try, and the one I went with (Shrimp and Mango Salsa Salad) was amazing. You can tell they buy from local farmers by how fresh and colorful all of the veggies were. I ate it all in about 4 minutes flat. Definitely coming back someday soon!

After our fantastic lunch, we window-shopped at a beautiful antique furniture shop, a fun little thrift store, and an adorable candy joint where Becky bought a few chocolate truffles. I sampled one myself, and it was pretty damn good. I’m just glad I had no more money to spend, otherwise I’d have walked out with a huge stash myself!

On the ride home, Becky and I talked a lot about healthy eating. It’s a topic we’ve both really been getting into lately, and it’s great being able to talk about it openly. I always feel awkward talking about nutrition to people who don’t really care – it feels way too preachy. But I loved listening to Becky’s insight and comparing all of the information we’ve each come across in our research. We also decided to make plans for “healthy activities” like apple-picking instead of going to bars or greasy restaurants. It’s great to have a new passion, but even better when you can share it!

All in all, I had a really nice day. I didn’t want to wake up and get out of my warm, snuggly bed at 6, but sometimes it’s completely worth it!

How NOT to Fuel for Your Cardio Workout

Yesterday I bought my first jar of cashew butter, just out of curiosity (it’s supposed to be healthier than peanut butter and a lot lower in calories.) Turns out I totally love it, and kept snacking on spoonfuls all throughout the day. It kept me nice and happy – until I started my half hour dance cardio session. Uggggghhhhhh.

My stomach started turning immediately and wouldn’t let up. I had to take a break about 20 minutes into it or else I would’ve passed out. After eventually making it through the whole 30 minutes, I raced to the bathroom not a moment too soon.

I waited for my stomach to settle before I started my strength session, but it just didn’t do. I really suffered through the circuit, and as a result I felt terrible all night long. Even though I know I’ll be alright for tonight’s workout, I’m still really anxious about it.

There are certain foods I know are good for pre-workout nibbling and others that aren’t super great, but for some reason it never occurred to me that filling up on heavy, creamy cashew butter before a solid half hour of jumping around and flailing my arms around dancing might be a bad choice. Consider this a lesson learned the hard, painful, disgusting way.

…the farting was kinda funny.


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