Disney Vacation Recap – Day 3

Annie in her high-fashion firefighting gear. Fierce.

Previously, on my Disney Vacation.

Mom and I are the hardcore Disney World vacationers in the family (as is Annie, but she was too busy being awesome and becoming a certified firefighter to join us this year [trufax]) so we were the only ones ready for some Hollywood Studios action at 8 am Saturday morning. As soon as we were allowed entry, we raced for Tower of Terror Fast Passes then jumped in line for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Nothing wakes you up like going from zero to 60 in 2 seconds — except a shot of espresso, which I bought myself when we got off the ride.

Pro Tip: Do not ride the Tower of Terror after consuming mass amounts of caffeine.

Later in the day, Dad, Caitlin, Josh and LaneyCakes joined us for some shopping, the Great Movie Ride (my favorite Disney attraction, because I’m secretly 74-years-old) and lunch. With all that out of the way, we were done with Hollywood Studios and Laney had to go back to the cabin, so we decided to move on.

My parents and I walked about 2 miles from Studios to the Boardwalk. It was practically empty – so nice and quiet compared to the crowds at the parks. We did more shopping, and I ended up treating myself to one of the greatest things I’ve ever eaten: tiramisu from the Boardwalk Bakery. When I get married, I don’t want a cake. I want a giant tiramisu from Disney.

I might just have to make it my bridegroom.

After our nice break from the rowdiness, we made the short walk to EPCOT to meet up with Sue, Kenny, Kelly and Steve. If we thought Friday night was crowded, we were in for a FUN surprise. Saturday night was pure frenzied chaos, especially at World Showcase. You didn’t even have to walk at all – the crowd could just lift you off the ground and move you along.

Luckily, the masses were there to enjoy the Festival, and we were already done with that. We managed to take advantage of super short stand-by waits for Captain EO and Imagination. My parents told me I’d seen Captain EO as a kid, but I don’t remember any of it. As far back as I can recall, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience was always EPCOT’s 3D show. So even though this was a fun nostalgia trip for the older people in our group, it was brand-new to me. I freakin’ loved it! So much cheesy goodness, and I love how many huge names are attached to it – Michael Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and Angelica Houston. It officially replaces The Muppets as my favorite WDW 3D movie!

Retro-Futuristic... Is that a thing?

We headed to the Mexico pavilion to meet up with the rest of the family. Mom made dinner reservations for us at the restaurant inside the pyramid, but we still had to wait in line to be seated, which was kind of ridiculous. But luckily our dinner was worth the wait! I ordered a chicken dish that I forgot the name of, but I do remember it being delicious!

"Pollo ...*cough*cough*somethingorother..."

Full-bellied and happy, we decided to split up for the night. Caitlin and Josh wanted to do more EPCOT stuff, Mom, Dad, Sue, Kenny, Kelly and Steve chose to go to the Marketplace at Downtown Disney, and I was completely wiped out for the day. I headed back to the cabin for a long, hot shower and tucked in for a good nights’ sleep – I had to rest up for my Magic Kingdom day!


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