Disney Vacation Recap – Day 4

Read about Day 3 here.

Sunday was my “Alone Day” – I wanted to go big, and everyone else wanted to take it slow before hitting up Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party that night. I was actually excited to have my own plan and not have to make any compromises.

Soon as I was ready to go, I headed to EPCOT for the 3rd day in a row (because I’m a science/world-cultures nerd like that.) Right away, I saw Stitch and barely any line to take pictures with him! I guess few people even saw him since he was so close to the entrance, but either way, it meant I got to be a fool again!

We gangsta.

It was relatively empty so early, but the stand-by line for Soarin’ was already 70 minutes long and the Fast Pass I got wasn’t good for another two hours. How is this ride so popular? It’s fun, but not worth killing more than an hour for! To kill time, I hopped on Mission: Space for a second time, then did some shopping. I went into the Art of Disney store and saw some really beautiful and creative pieces inspired by different Disney films. If I were an eccentric billionaire, I might have my own personal art gallery full of that kind of stuff. But as an eccentric hundredaire (I am rolling in the Washingtons,) I could only long from afar.

When World Showcase opened up (it opens at 11 while Future World opens at 9 most days) I took serious advantage of the fact that the Festival crowd hadn’t swooped in yet. I was able to walk around each pavilion and take my time taking it all in without fighting young families and obnoxious bachelorette parties. I even played a little bit of soccer with the Cast Members at Italy – they were totally impressed by my skills. (Or embarrassed for me by my lack thereof.)

I was hungry by noon and headed back to The Land for a quick lunch followed by Soarin’. There were a lot of good-looking options at the food court, but I picked up the “vegetarian lunch pack” from the fridge. It had pita bread, hummus, couscous, and some other spreads that I didn’t recognize but loved. Perfectly yummy protein fix!

Get in my belly. Now.

Soon as I got off Soarin’ I made my way for the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. 3 and a half days into vacation, and I still hadn’t seen Cinderella’s Castle close up!

By this point I was no longer surprised by the crazy crowds, but my timing couldn’t have been worse – I got there just as a parade was ending, and people were flooding into the streets. Luckily, there are a few shortcuts all over the Kingdom, so I managed to avoid a lot of the most packed patches. I got through Main Street just by walking through the shops instead of outside (why don’t more people do this? Hello, air-conditioning!) and cut across to Adventureland. There’s an iconic Disney World treat that I’ve actually never tried before, and I was determined to change that sad fact.

Dole Whip in a Pineapple Float!

I heard a lot of good things about the Pineapple Dole Whips, but I still wasn’t expecting Heaven in a cup! Sooo refreshing and sweet! I’ll have to make sure to get at least one of these at all future WDW trips!

I spent the rest of the afternoon hitting up my favorite attractions in the Adventureland-Frontierland-Liberty Square area: Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and (Nerd Alert) the Hall of Presidents! Time flew by, and before I knew it, it was time to go back to the cabins and get ready for the Halloween Party!

I’ll write about the party in a new post sometime very soon, and don’t worry – there will be photos of Delaney in her costume. And they will be heart-meltingly adorable.


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  1. Oh Dolewhip float! You haunt my dreams!!

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