Disney Vacation Recap – Day 5

Day 4 can be read here, Night 4 here!

Our last full day in WDW started with Kenny leaving us for a golfing trip to Myrtle Beach with some buddies. After his ride to the airport picked him up, Mom, Sue and I hopped on a bus to Animal Kingdom and snagged Fast Passes for Everest. But by the time we got there, the ride had broken down and a car full of riders was stuck at the top of the hill. We didn’t think too much of it; Disney’s pretty good at fixing those kinds of problems in a timely manner, so we thought the train would be running again by the time we returned.

In the meantime, we decided to hit up Dinosaur and do some shopping in the Dinoland USA. But when we went back to the Asia part of the park, the train was still stuck (but all the people were gone …because they were MASSACRED BY THE YETI! Just kidding – they were safely evacuated. Or were they? *Dun dun DUN.*)

So to kill even more time, we shopped around Asia and did another wildlife walk. It was a great time of day to go – the tigers were sunbathing…

Couldn't get a good shot of her "bitch, please" face.

the deer were grazing…

Big Poppa and his harem.

and the bats were making either love or war.

Judging by the sounds, it was very passionate.

But the best were all of the birds!

If you know nothing else about me, know that I am a nerd for birds.

They were all so beautiful, and so cool with people walking right up to them!

There's a hundred more where this came from.

There was a pair of gorgeous crowned pigeons building a nest together. At first, we only saw one (I assume it was the mommy) in a pretty low branch fiddling around with the nest.

I named her Kate.

As I stopped to take pictures, I heard and felt another bird fly right over my head – it was the “daddy” come to help!

I named him William.

A little ways down the path, I’d stooped to snap some pictures of other birds when Daddy came back to look for more materials. He was so cute, all determined to build a happy home for his family!

I almost named them Kim and Kris - talk about avoiding a disaster.

As we made our way back to Everest for the final time, we stopped for some snacks – cinnamon-glazed pecans and almonds (I’m looking up recipes to make them myself!) Unfortunately Everest was still down (though the train had disappeared as well – has the yeti developed a taste for machinery?) We decided to cut our losses and leave. Disappointing, but at least we got to ride it earlier in vacation.

We met with the rest of the family at Downtown Disney for lunch at Dad’s favorite Disney restaurant, the Earl of Sandwich – yet another score in the meals department for all of us! After lunch, Sue wanted to get Delaney’s hand printed into a painting at a stand nearby. But the cold paint must have been an odd sensation for a 4-month-old – she started crying and didn’t stop until her hand was dry and her bottle was in her mouth!

"Everybody betray me!"

And we’re all horrible people, because we just couldn’t stop laughing at the ordeal. Sorry, Lane!

"I know a lie when I hear it, Judas."

Don’t worry, she was back to her sunshiny-self in no time!

"I forgive you, just like Jesus would. Not that I'd compare myself to Jesus or anything like that. But seriously, make me your Messiah."

And the handprint came out so cute! (I forgot to snap a picture, though. Sorry!)

After some margaritas and shopping, the group split all up again. This time, Mom, Sue and I were headed back to the Magic Kingdom to check off just a couple more rides. By the time we were done with Stitch’s Great Escape (which, much as I love Stitch, was totally better back when it was Alien Encounter,) the Carousel of Progress, and the Wedway People Mover, we agreed it was time for dinner. Unfortunately, dinner was kind of hard to come by. But we did get lucky when we discovered the Columbia Harbor House was still serving! They had a lot of great-looking options, but I just wanted a simple chicken salad – crisp and fresh!

As we left the House, there was definitely moisture falling down on us. We hurried to an overhanging for cover while Mom frantically pulled out 3 rain ponchos. Mom even ran out from under the overhanging to make sure it was raining and immediately came back under, shouting that it was coming pretty hard. We were like a pack of mad women, ripping open the packages and shoving ourselves into bright yellow PVC sheets. We were finally weatherproofed and set out for Adventureland when we noticed the rain had very abruptly stopped after only a few steps. And nobody else was wet… or worried about rain… or reacting to us as if we were perfectly sane…

There was never any rain; some dude was washing the second-story windows of the House and we’d accidentally wandered into it. Also, we’re really stupid.

After a good, long laugh at our own expenses, Pirates of the Caribbean, a pineapple-orange Dole whip to split, Thunder Mountain, a smoking break, and It’s A Small World, we were totally wiped out. I was kind of bummed that our vacation was coming to an end, but I was also excited to get back to Normal Life.


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  1. I swear those tigers can sense it if you might a decent picture and show you the butt every time!

    • Interesting theory… There was another one who kept staring right at me, then he’d turn the other way soon as I could point my phone at him. So stubborn!

  2. Now that normal life has resumed I say we go back 🙂

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