Weekend Plans

Remember how excited I was to start the 3 disc of Metamorphosis? Yeah, after yesterday’s workout, I kind of dread ever going back. Each new strength cycle always feels harder than the previous one, but this one nearly killed me. I sucked it up and did it again today and it was (a little, itty bit) easier, but I’ll take a break from Tracy this weekend, then get a fresh start on Monday.

Mom and Dad are going to Gettysburg for the weekend with Aunt Sue and Uncle Kenny. Obviously I’d use the opportunity to throw a raging kegger with 173 of my closest friends, but I’m dog-sitting for Sue and Kenny instead (it’s a sweet gig – they have the two sweetest dogs in the history of everything forever. Also: they pay me in bagels.)

Mugsy (a.k.a. "the one with perpetual bedhead")

Figi (a.k.a. "the one with the pot-belly.")

Which works out with my Tracy-break, because they’ve got one of those fancy treadmills that I forget what it’s called but it’s kind of like a stairmaster and kind of like an elliptical and it makes you feel like you’re walking/jogging/running on sand and then makes you want to die the next day because your butt hurts every time you even think about taking a step, so I can still get a good non-Tracy cardio session without having to venture outside and show off my lack of running skills to my neighbors. I’ll bring a set of free weights and a yoga DVD or something for muscle-training.

It’ll also be a good practice in impulse-control, because they got a ton of Halloween candy left over. And most of it is Reese’s. And I’ll have to look at it. And even if I hide it, I’ll still know it’s there. And it’ll hold an angry grudge against me for trying to ignore its existence when all it wants is for me to consume it. And it’ll haunt me even more. And I totally suck at impulse-control, especially when peanut butter and/or chocolate is involved. Fffffffffffffffffffffff……….

You won't defeat me. I'm bigger. I'm stronger. I eat peanut butter cups like you for breakfast! ...Maybe that's not the right mental image for me to picture right now...

Tomorrow I’m gonna be in Philly for the better part of the day to shoot a short film. I’m gonna be AD, which is wonderful because I have zero confidence in myself to do a competent job and so clearly I’m not stressing about it at all. Okay, I’m actually very grateful because I don’t have any AD experience and it’ll be incredibly valuable to me in the long run, but still. It’s an important role, and I’ll probably suck at it. Double fffffffffffffffffffffff……….

So far it’s looking like I’ll have a lazy Sunday. I’ll probably go see Footloose with Ashley because how can we not see that movie, but other than that I’ve got no plans except to do some treadmill-ing and some yoga-ing and some not-devouring of candy. I look forward to it!


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  1. You are the BEST puppysitter in the world !!!
    Also, I was wondering what it would feel like if you ACTUALLY used the treadmill/stairmaster/eliptical machine thingy….I’ve been looking at it for a long time … wondering – so thank you for telling me what it feels like to use it. Now I won’t have to give it a go myself to find out 🙂

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