Steroids & Surgery

An update on my TS situation.

I did meet with a new ENT yesterday (the third since I was first diagnosed with TS almost four years ago.) According to her, my trachea is about 50% narrowed. I could live somewhat comfortably like this for a few more weeks, but I’d eventually need a surgery anyway, so we’re just gonna get it out of the way. I go under the knife – er, laser, I guess, tomorrow at 12:15. She also prescribed me some more steroids (my muscles are seriously gonna get jacked) and Advair.

I’m not scared about surgery at all. It’ll be my third and I can tell this doctor is more than capable of pulling it off. The worst part, really, is that I have to fast – no food past midnight tonight, no water past 6 am. By the time surgery’s over and I’m back home, I won’t have had anything to eat for, like, 15 hours! That’s the part that’s gonna kill me!!





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    • I wish; between midnight and 6 am, I’m only allowed “clear liquids” (water and vodka! Yay!) and after 6 I can’t even have water.

  2. I hate that you have to deal with this 😦

  3. Love you, Court xoxo

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