Catching Up

Can we agree to forgive the fact that this blog hasn’t been updated since last Monday? I actually wrote a lot, but it was just a bunch of self-pitying essays about how much life sucks. At least I had enough sense to not publish that stuff – rereading it now, I sounded suicidal. I wasn’t; I was just messed up from the Prednisone. It amplified my preexisting pessimism by about 437x. But I’m all done with the Prednisone now, and my other meds play well with natural hormones, so I’m mostly back in my right mind normal brand of crazy. There are still some lingering effects, but it’s manageable. I don’t feel like the entire universe is out to get me personally anymore.

A visual representation of how I felt on steroids.

Not that I didn’t do anything blog-worthy in the past ten days. On Friday I volunteered at the Philadelphia Marathon expo giving race bibs to the runners. It was pretty cool – the other volunteers at my table were a lot of fun to talk to, the runners were all cordial (I was expecting at least a few grumps, but everyone was polite if not downright friendly; best customer service job ever), and the expo environment was just cool and really made me want to be a runner.

It wasn’t perfect, though. We worked a six hour shift without any breaks. About two and a half hours in, someone came around with water bottles and granola bars for the volunteers, but that was the only time we were offered any food or drink. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they let us know to eat before our shifts when we signed up – I would’ve had a big lunch. As it was, I’d only eaten a yogurt and soup all day and kept sneaking off to the Clif Bar table for free samples (best flavor: Chocolate Chip Coconut.)

Luckily, there’s a Cosi on the way from the Convention Center to Caitlin and Josh’s house (where I stayed for the weekend) and I stopped there for a super-late dinner. I ordered the half-and-half deal – tomato basil soup and turkey and stuffing sandwich (I know a lot of places have similar Thanksgiving-themed sandwiches this time of year, but this is hands-down the best I’ve tried. Wish they served it year-round instead of just seasonally!)

On Saturday I was supposed to be in a cheering section for the kids’ race, but I slept in and missed my shift. Whoops. Instead, I spent the morning at the Reading Terminal Market. Can’t believe I’d never been before – it was pretty much what I imagine Heaven to be. It was pretty cramped and crowded, being the Saturday before Thanksgiving and all, but I still really enjoyed exploring all of the stalls. I managed to get some ingredients for the Thanksgiving dishes I’m making and got some nut butters from Kauffman’s Farm (cashew and honey roasted peanut – all gone by now.) But I definitely need to go back sometime soon – I didn’t get any ice cream from Bassetts!

My inner-fatass is angry with me.

Sunday was Marathon Day, and I had volunteered to give out medals. While the marathon itself was a lot of fun to witness, volunteering sucked. Whoever was in charge of organizing the volunteers really needs to re-work some stuff in teh future. The main problem was that there were entirely too many of us – we were supposed to all get sweatshirts, but they completely ran out before I got there (I was actually pretty pissed about that – I wanted one!) At the finish line, we were practically fighting each other to get medals to the runners. And nobody had told us where we were supposed to be or anything, but then we kept getting screamed at for not being in the right place at the right time. It was really annoying, and after about an hour I just left. I know, I’m a bad volunteer. But I wasn’t going to spend another five hours getting shoved around and yelled at if I wasn’t going to get paid (or food.) Besides, I’m pretty sure I did them a bigger favor by freeing up space.

On the upside, I really loved being able to congratulate the runners first-hand!

Walking from Caitlin’s to the marathon and back meant I had to pass by Occupy Philadelphia twice, and I didn’t get raped either time. Yay!

All of the protesters were still asleep at noon. I wonder why they don't have jobs.

Because of the Prednisone, I hadn’t been up for working out at all last week. I felt too drained and bloated to move around comfortably. It sucked, especially since I’ve been binge-eating a lot, but sometimes your body just needs a break. Monday was my first day off the steroids, and consequently my first day back on Metamorphosis. I’m happy to report that the cardio was easier than it’s been in weeks – I really needed that surgery. Strength’s a different story, but that’s just because it’s insane and I’m a weakling. I’m just happy to be back on top of my fitness regime!

So excited to go see The Muppets in a few minutes, but even more excited for National Celebrate Gluttony Day tomorrow!

Get in mah belly.


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