Nostalgia & Soda Bowls.

Well, this is embarrassing. The last time I blogged was in January… 2012. So what am I gonna do now — just post again with little explanation, as if that 20-month break never happened?


Little Explanation: Things got straight hectic in early 2012 — half-marathon training, moving to NYC, working too many hours at a thankless internship with a horrible boss, dedicating every other hour to finding better employment, quitting the internship and moving back home, moving back up to NY (upstate, this time) to be a camp counselor. With all that going on, I just kinda forgot about blogging. From time to time, I’d think about writing a new post, only to decide against it because it felt kinda weird to just start up after so long.

But in the past few days, I’ve come across 3 things that I felt like writing about. And what do I care what society thinks about an absurdly long lapse in updates? I’m a wildcard, a radical, a true loose cannon, and I say to hell with it all!

Now, here’s what’s been on my mind lately…

1 – The School of Rock kids all grew up to be attractive.

It’s been a full decade since School of Rock came out (I’M SO OLD DEAR GOD WHAT IS TIME, am I right?), and Jack Black, Richard Linklater, Mike White, and most of the kids from the cast recently had a reunion concert. I did not know about this concert until just today, but I did see Entertainment Weekly’s most recent Reunions issue, in which SoR was featured (along with Boy Meets World and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, making the whole thing feel like it was orchestrated specifically for me. Except for most of the other reunions because I don’t really care about them.)

Anyhow, the important thing here is that all of the kids are 20-somethings now, and they all rate somewhere between “pretty cute; would flirt” to “DAAAAAAYYYYYUUUUMM.”

The relative-uggos mixed in there are old bros Black, Linklater, and White.

Unfortunately, neither the concert nor the EW shoot included Joan Cusack, which really, really sucks. But still, it’s cool to see everybody else together again. These types of reunions – where the cast has undergone a significant physical change since last seen together – are always the best, and SoR is one of the best movies about a fake substitute teacher turning a class full of upper-class pre-teens into a rock band complete with full posse so they can play Battle of the Bands  that’s ever been made.


Billy’s presence almost makes up for Joan’s absence. If only Jack had worn a bowtie…

2 – I found this old mix CD from like, 8 years ago.

It’s entitled: “High School Road Trips” – never mind that at the time I made this, the longest “road trips” I was taking were shorter than the 50-minute running time of the mix. I don’t know why this made it onto my laptop which I only bought 2.5 years ago, but it certainly serves as a reminder of my teen-self’s refined & wide-ranging musical tastes.

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 11.24.18 PM

14 tracks, & 3 of them were Green Day.
That’s more than 20%.

That there’s a pretty accurate snapshot of what I was into in high school. Notice that most of those songs were already several years – decades, even – old for back then. “Sweetness” wasn’t even old enough to be a nostalgic classic, and still too old to be relevant in the mid-’00s. But I was a rebel, and I could express myself however I wanted, Mom and Dad!

3 – I was among the Chosen Few to witness the Soda Bowl.

Everyone at the office all got Chinese for lunch today, and two of my co-workers ordered Pepsi. When we picked the order up, we discovered the most wonderful, life-changing artifact one could hope to stumble across: the Soda Bowl.

Two, actually.

Look carefully into the bubbles. You will look directly into the face of God.

Look directly into the bubbles. You will look directly into the face of God.

They’re exactly what they sound like: soda in bowls (the kind usually reserved for wonton soup) rather than cups.


As the cashier handed us the change, she said “the straws are in the bag.” !!!!

It made all of my problems vanish. Nothing in the whole wide multitudinous universe could ever top its awe-inspiring beauty. It is a miracle, and I am a believer.


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