Biography – I’m a 20-something aspiring filmmaker living in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. I graduated from McDaniel College in May, 2010 with a BA in Communication (focus in Film & Video Production Studies.) Post-grad life has included work on several films, but it’s my part-time gig in medical billing that earns me a paycheck. I’ve lived most of my life in Jersey (your jokes about my home state aren’t original, so get over it,) went to college in Maryland & studied abroad in Budapest, Hungary for 4 months. Philly’s pretty much the greatest city on Earth, but I love traveling & wouldn’t hesitate to move someplace new for a while. I’m also a proud member of the Ginger Community – after all, who really needs a soul?

Interests – Movies – making & watching them!; Reading; Writing; Traveling; Food; Wine; History; Urban Art; Dance; Fitness; Blogging, perhaps?

The Name O’Shady is a nickname bestowed on me by the director of my high school marching band. Apparently I was a shady character & wore too much eye shadow back in the day. Half of that statement holds true today.

  1. As a fellow ginger I happen to believe we have bigger souls than most “non” gingers! (The cast of Jersey Shore comes to mind). Keep following your dreams in film, they sound great!

  2. Annalyn O'Grady

    Dad is the nicest.

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