Film & Video Credits

Details about some films & other projects I have worked on:

Dem Girls (2010) – My Senior Capstone project, a 20-minute documentary following several young women on their journey to becoming sisters of Phi Mu Fraternity for Women. I personally acted as producer, director, cinematographer & editor. The doc was shot & completed over the course of the Fall 2009 semester.

Future Weather (2011) – A full-length independent feature shot in the Philadelphia region in the summer of 2010. My first job on a professional film, I worked as a general set assistant for the entire 4-week production period. I was highly praised for my dedication & ability to quickly learn new skills.

Long Way From Cuba (2011) – A short feature from Philadelphia-based production company Jami Marl Films. I currently serve as an editing intern, working directly with the producer/writer/director & the head editor. In just a few short weeks I have gained invaluable experience & confidence with post-production work, specifically with Final Cut Pro.

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