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Don’t Call It A Comeback (Even Though That’s Exactly What It Is. … ?)

I seriously suck the big one when it comes to blogging, don’t I? It’s been gods know how long since I updated (actually, I do know – one full month.) I could list off about 47 1/2 reasons for slacking off, but none would really suffice as anything more than excuses for my laziness. But I’m back (for now)! I know this makes y’all happier than a fat kid with cake.

Or happier than Makenzie with her Ni-Ni.

I will say that something good has come from my absence. Several people have asked when I’ll be blogging again, so it’s nice to know that there are actual readers out there who are invested in my super lame life and amused by my not-quite-witty observations. Does this mean that if I keep up the good work, I might be able to somehow turn this thing into a profitable venture?

Eh, probably not.

But for those of you who care; first, thank you for reading!! And second, check back for more updates soon – there are actually quite a few things I wanna blog about!

A quick list of topics to expect in the near future:

  • Christmas presents
  • Dec. 21, or as I like to call it, the Best Day of 2011 Besides May 29 (Obviously)
  • Vomiting on a train
  • Plans for my February mini-vacation in Disney World/the laughable failure that is my half-marathon “training”
  • The effects of watching way too many supernatural soap operas on Netflix
  • And more!

So stay tuned! I swear there’ll be updates in the next few days, including tomorrow’s Random Saturday.

Also: Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Don’t die!


It Lives! For Now, Anyway

So there have been 0 blog updates for 3 weeks. There have also been 0 blog readers for 4 weeks, so at least I haven’t been neglecting devoted followers. (To those of you who are reading this: Hi, Immediate Family! Is it my week to clean the bathroom?)

So what’s happened since I last posted? Well…

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Promising Pursuit, Or A Venture In Vain? (Alliteration Is Fun!)

Here are the Need-To-Knows on my life: I turn 23 in a couple of days; graduated college over a year ago; still live with my parents; work 2 jobs – 1 part-time, 1 unpaid; barely have a social life; am struggling to lose weight; can’t get a handle on my finances; and am generally dissatisfied with my lot. That Quarter Life Crisis is a real bitch, man.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been seriously considering starting my own blog, just to sorta spice things up a bit. I know everyone and their mom has a blog these days, and so few actually worth reading. I also know I’m not exactly Hemingway when it comes to writing and my life is way too dull to keep public record of. And how does one even begin to cultivate a readership? What if I put in all this time and effort, but nobody ever reads it? Do I really want to set myself up for that kind of failure?

On the other hand, there are a lot of potential benefits. Blogging could be the kind of project that gets me out of my post-grad funk. I like that I’d be doing something productive and creative in my spare time (as opposed to scouring YouTube for old episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark.) I also really love writing and want to improve my skills, so the practice would be awesome. Then there’s the possible career benefit – as an aspiring filmmaker, a blog would be a great way to let potential employers see what projects I’ve worked on and what I’m capable of doing. But the main thing is, I really want to give it a shot, and I know I’ll regret it if I don’t.

Alright, I’m doing it. Now… what do I write?