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It Lives! For Now, Anyway

So there have been 0 blog updates for 3 weeks. There have also been 0 blog readers for 4 weeks, so at least I haven’t been neglecting devoted followers. (To those of you who are reading this: Hi, Immediate Family! Is it my week to clean the bathroom?)

So what’s happened since I last posted? Well…

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We’re Sorry; Your Fitness Plan is Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties

Tracy Anderson, personal trainer to such stars as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, and too many others to list, has a 90-day workout plan called Metamorphosis. The boxed-set includes 4 DVDs and a whole bunch of charts and guides and even a cute little tape measure so you can keep track of your results. (It also comes with a diet plan that is ENTIRELY RIDICULOUS for anyone who isn’t morbidly obese, but we’ll just ignore that for now.) The whole thing costs about $100.

The idea is that you get 6 hours of exercise a week – a half-hour of cardio and a half-hour of muscle training every day, plus a day of rest. You do the same cardio routine for the whole 90 days, but you’re supposed to do a new circuit of muscle work every 10 days. So on the first disc is the cardio and then the other 3 (called Transform 1, 2 and 3) each have 3 circuits of strength circuits.

My sister Kelly bought the set a couple of months ago and recruited me to be her workout-buddy (I do plan on someday paying her half the cost.) Yesterday was Day 31 for us, and we were freakin’ pumped to have completed Transform 1 and finally put on Transform 2. We’re a third of the way done! We’ve been doing this for 30 days, these last 60 will be cake! We’re already seeing and feeling results, and there’s still more to come! YES!!

Except, no. We made it through the first 2 parts of the circuit (arms and abs) just fine, but when we got to the leg/lower body exercises, the disc started skipping. Crap. But, as long as it’s only a little stutter, we can still follow the exercises just fine, right? Yeah, until the disc completely stops and then loads up the Main Menu. Crap! Crap! Crap!

We tried cleaning the DVD (which does not have any visible scratches, for the record,) then fast-forwarding through the skipping sections, and finally just testing another DVD player to see if that was the problem. No use – just more skipping.

So we checked out the Tracy Anderson website, see if we can send it in for a replacement disc. But all returns have to be made within 14 days of purchase. Serves us right for not speeding through the 3-month entire program in 2 weeks, I guess. We both sent e-mails requesting information on purchasing new discs as opposed to the entire box again, but we haven’t heard back yet.

Who knew getting a body like this would be so hard?

This really sucks. After investing 30 days and $100, now we have to put it all on hold? Really hoping for a nice resolution here.

There is a bit of a bright side. My arms and back are pretty sore today, so at least the workout we could get through was a success. Also, taking a break means I can do some half marathon training without overworking my muscles, but more on that at another time…