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Catching Up

Can we agree to forgive the fact that this blog hasn’t been updated since last Monday? I actually wrote a lot, but it was just a bunch of self-pitying essays about how much life sucks. At least I had enough sense to not publish that stuff – rereading it now, I sounded suicidal. I wasn’t; I was just messed up from the Prednisone. It amplified my preexisting pessimism by about 437x. But I’m all done with the Prednisone now, and my other meds play well with natural hormones, so I’m mostly back in my right mind normal brand of crazy. There are still some lingering effects, but it’s manageable. I don’t feel like the entire universe is out to get me personally anymore.

A visual representation of how I felt on steroids.

Not that I didn’t do anything blog-worthy in the past ten days. On Friday I volunteered at the Philadelphia Marathon expo giving race bibs to the runners. It was pretty cool – the other volunteers at my table were a lot of fun to talk to, the runners were all cordial (I was expecting at least a few grumps, but everyone was polite if not downright friendly; best customer service job ever), and the expo environment was just cool and really made me want to be a runner. Read the rest of this entry


2011 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

On Friday afternoon, I forewent lunch and dinner so I could instead enjoy all that EPCOT’s Food & Wine Festival had to offer with Caitlin and Kelly and their boys Josh and Steve. I’ve been really making an effort to open myself up to new and exotic foods recently, so I was excited to sample some dishes and drinks from all over the world. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try everything, but I still made out extremely well.

The first stand we hit was Australia. I got Penfolds Cabernet Sauvignon and Shrimp on the Barbie with a Citrus Glaze. I’m not a big shrimp fan, but it was delicious with the glaze. I’d order a full entrée portion. The Cab Sauv was fabulous and I almost got a second sample before deciding to save my money. I also tried a bite of the Grilled Lamb Chop Josh ordered – I’ve never tried lamb before and wasn’t expecting to like it, but I didn’t hate it. It was very tender and not as gross as I find most red meat.

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Promising Pursuit, Or A Venture In Vain? (Alliteration Is Fun!)

Here are the Need-To-Knows on my life: I turn 23 in a couple of days; graduated college over a year ago; still live with my parents; work 2 jobs – 1 part-time, 1 unpaid; barely have a social life; am struggling to lose weight; can’t get a handle on my finances; and am generally dissatisfied with my lot. That Quarter Life Crisis is a real bitch, man.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been seriously considering starting my own blog, just to sorta spice things up a bit. I know everyone and their mom has a blog these days, and so few actually worth reading. I also know I’m not exactly Hemingway when it comes to writing and my life is way too dull to keep public record of. And how does one even begin to cultivate a readership? What if I put in all this time and effort, but nobody ever reads it? Do I really want to set myself up for that kind of failure?

On the other hand, there are a lot of potential benefits. Blogging could be the kind of project that gets me out of my post-grad funk. I like that I’d be doing something productive and creative in my spare time (as opposed to scouring YouTube for old episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark.) I also really love writing and want to improve my skills, so the practice would be awesome. Then there’s the possible career benefit – as an aspiring filmmaker, a blog would be a great way to let potential employers see what projects I’ve worked on and what I’m capable of doing. But the main thing is, I really want to give it a shot, and I know I’ll regret it if I don’t.

Alright, I’m doing it. Now… what do I write?