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Catching Up

Can we agree to forgive the fact that this blog hasn’t been updated since last Monday? I actually wrote a lot, but it was just a bunch of self-pitying essays about how much life sucks. At least I had enough sense to not publish that stuff – rereading it now, I sounded suicidal. I wasn’t; I was just messed up from the Prednisone. It amplified my preexisting pessimism by about 437x. But I’m all done with the Prednisone now, and my other meds play well with natural hormones, so I’m mostly back in my right mind normal brand of crazy. There are still some lingering effects, but it’s manageable. I don’t feel like the entire universe is out to get me personally anymore.

A visual representation of how I felt on steroids.

Not that I didn’t do anything blog-worthy in the past ten days. On Friday I volunteered at the Philadelphia Marathon expo giving race bibs to the runners. It was pretty cool – the other volunteers at my table were a lot of fun to talk to, the runners were all cordial (I was expecting at least a few grumps, but everyone was polite if not downright friendly; best customer service job ever), and the expo environment was just cool and really made me want to be a runner. Read the rest of this entry


The Recovery Period

So surgery went well, plus I survived a 15-hour fast!

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t nervous at all about the operation. I’d gone through it twice before with no issues, and the ENT performing it seemed perfectly capable of carrying everything through without a hitch. More than anything, I just wanted it to get done – both of my last surgeries were performed in the morning, and a noon check-in just felt so late. It took forever to go through all the pre-op procedures. But luckily I brought plenty of reading material to keep my mind occupied (Wuthering Heights, Shockaholic, some health food magazines, and Princess Diaries… what else can I say about my eclectic tastes?)

The worst part of the operation is always the IV. I’m not great with needles, and having one stuck in my hand over an extended period of time is not fun. But I’m getting better with it, and this time I barely even noticed it was there for the most part. I even watched the nurse stick me and din’t get queasy! Yay for (wo)manning up!

I had to confer with, like, 12 different doctors before they could get me in the OR. Seriously, there was the nurse, the ENT, two anesthesiologists, an attending… and I think that was it. But still! That’s a lot of “C-o-u-r-t-n-e-y; September 9, 1988; no, I am not allergic to any medicines; I last ate at 11 last night and last drank water at 5 this morning”s to recite. However, I did receive a few compliments on my recent weight-loss, so eff yeah to that!

It had to be past 2 by the time they were wheeling me into the OR, and I was rarin’ to go! I practically threw myself onto the operating table and shoved the anesthesia in my IV – I knew the sooner I went under, the sooner I’d get to wake up, go home, and dig into my pint of ice cream!

Sure enough, the next thing I know I’m back in the patient waiting area with a heated blanket and a sore throat. Operation was done! The nurse taking care of me immediately got my parents back to me. I was told I could stay longer if I had to, but I honestly wasn’t all that groggy – in fact, I was feeling pretty amped up! Weird, because I remember being dead tired after my other operations. Maybe it was because I was a professional TS patient by now, maybe it was because it was so late in the day, maybe it was because I could hear the ice cream calling my name. Whatever it was, I was all set to just get my clothes on and go home! I didn’t even want to wait for a wheelchair – just guide me to the damn car and let’s get moving, folks!

When I finally got to crash on the couch with my favorite blanket, the TV remote and (of course) a pint of Vanilla-Maple Arctic Zero, the adrenaline calmed down and I was feeling more like someone who had undergone laser surgery – the sides of my mouth felt pinched (they had to clamp my jaws open,) I had a weird taste in the back of my throat (they used a latex balloon to open that up,) and my voice was really scratchy. All totally normal, but kind of annoying. But most importantly — I could fill my lungs!! SUCCESS!

I’m feeling great breathing-wise, but still tired, sore-throated and stuffy-nosed. But most of all, I’m feeling kinda restless. These past two days have been very lazy – not much more than watching TV (so. much. TV.) and shoving food down my pie-hole. Caitlin’s dogs Chloe and Bella are over, and they’ve been awesome cuddle-buddies (except when they totally Bogart the blanket. Lame.) I managed to give my bedroom a much-needed straightening-up, so yay for being semi-productive! Tomorrow morning, Mom and I are planning to go to the Reading Terminal Market if I’m up for it. I’m hoping that by Monday I’ll be fully recovered and ready to go back to work and my daily work-outs!

One more thing: a HUGE “Thank You!” for all of the warm wishes I’ve received in the past week! I’m seriously lucky to have such fantastically supportive and caring friends – y’all rock!