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Random Monday? Sure, Why Not?

I seriously suck at blogging. I thought doing the Random Saturday thing would at least keep me updating on a semi-regular basis, but I just didn’t feel like it this weekend. Whatever, I feel like it now. Random Monday, suckaz!

  1. The best thing about this time of year is all the fun, limited-edition holiday treats! My favorite thus far is Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha. It perfectly combines the beautiful, rich flavors of mint and chocolate into one happy cup. And if you order the tall size skinny-style, it’s only a hundred calories and still tastes like Heaven on Earth.

    Don't care what the hipsters say; Starbucks 'til I die.

  2. The worst thing about this time of year is that all the good TV shows are going on their winter hiatus. Only one more new episode of It’s Always Sunny left, and last week saw the last of Up All Night, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Parks and Rec, and Grimm until 2012. I’ve managed to survive without The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle for a few weeks now, but dear Lord, I don’t think I can handle all my shows disappearing! And that’s not even mentioning Community‘s extended hiatus and possible cancellation. LIFE HAS NO MEANING.

    Me not so merry, Britta. Me not.

  3. Speaking of It’s Always Sunny, hahahahahaRonaldMcDonaldhahahahaha!

    Nothing more perfect.

  4. According to this Consumer Reports survey, people find “having to be nice” to be the tenth most stressful thing about the holidays. Clearly I did not take this survey, as that would be my Number One. Everything else on the list is stuff I really, really hate as well. Except parties, because I never get invited to any.

    "Who even wants to go to your stupid, lame, totally awesome parties anyway?"

  5. Weighed myself the other day. Have gained a substantial amount of weight since pre-surgery days. Am not happy about such developments.

    At least I don't sing crappy pop songs for a living.

  6. Might have something to do with my discovering the wonders of all the self-serve fro yo joints scattered around Philadelphia. But frozen yogurt has, like, essential nutrients. So I should eat one at least once a day.

    Better than choking down Flintstone vitamins.

  7. Might also have something to do with my skipping work-outs on the weekends. But I’m far too busy reading snarky Sweet Valley High recapsand napping to even consider fitness. And, you know, muscle-recovery days, don’t wanna over-train, yadda yadda yadda…


  8. Friday night I hung out with Becky and Ryan! It was fun because I haven’t seen Ryan in about eleventy billion years, and we went to Friendly’s for ice cream (that peanut butter lava cake sundae so has nothing to do with my weight-gain) then drove around for a while just playing catch-up. Both of them read the blog, so wassup?

    Was this worth hundreds of calories? ....Yeah, I'd say so. It was pretty freaking delicious.

  9. Saw Hugo with Becky on Saturday morning. It was pretty amazing, but nothing like what the trailers would have you believe. It had lots of stuff for film nerds to fangasm over, especially those of us with an affinity for silent films. Put this down as yet another Scorsese masterpiece. (Honestly, is there any better director currently working in Hollywood? If you say “yes,” you’re a lying-pants’d liar. Get over your sick delusions.)

    See the movie, but don't let this thing haunt your dreams.


Random Saturday – Bah, Humbug!

  1. I kind of hate Christmas.

    Sorry to be a cliché.

  2. I definitely hate Christmas songs and commercials.

    If I have to suffer through this one more time, I swear I will kill Folgers until it dies.

  3. But I love Christmas movies. (But only the ones that don’t suck.) Thinking a marathon needs to happen soon…

    F(dash)(dash)(dash) yeah!

  4. Donated a dollar to the Salvation Army and signed a petition to end hydro-frakking all in the same week. You’re welcome, Humanity.

    After I'm canonized, I expect to become known as the Patron Saint of Frugality.

  5. Finally watched Carzy, Stupid, Love on Thursday night. Definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a good date/girls’ night movie. Romantic Comedies in general are rarely funny and never romantic; but I liked this one. It wasn’t what I’d call “romantic,” but it was very sweet. It also had me laughing out loud a lot. And you just can’t deny this wonderfulness:

    Hello again, Mr. Gosling and your eight (EIGHT) visible abdominal muscles.

  6. “It is so on that things have now become very much like Donkey Kong.” Oh, Community. Why is the TV-viewing public so blind to your utter brilliance that NBC had to bench you for the upcoming spring? SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!

    Pictured above: genius.

  7. So after two weeks of milking the surgery cow for all it’s worth and an additional week of half-assing it during the holiday, I’m fully back on the fitness wagon. It sucks to be so behind on the 90-day Metamorphosis regime, but the end is in sight! Only 18 more days, suckaz.

    I totally look like Gwyneth Paltrow now. Strangers keep stopping me for autographs, except they oddly mispronounce her name as "Roseanne Barr." Weird.

  8. I am not, however, completely back on the healthy eating wagon. At all. My fake-o-preggo belly is never going away.

    Maybe if I tied a festive bow around mine, I'd at least feel happier looking at it.

  9. Dear Crunchy Barney Butter; I love you. Sincerely, Courtney.

    So, you come around here often?

My Body Really Hates Me, Doesn’t It?

I’ve never had a serious allergic reaction before. There are a few foods I’m allergic to – mostly raw fruits and vegetables – that have caused me to break out in hives along my jawline, or maybe get an itchy throat or ears. Always little inconveniences that go away on their own after an hour or so, even left untreated. The worst ever was the first time I drank soy milk – a bowl of cereal topped with it gave me a huge blister on my lip and scratchy throat, but I didn’t even take a Benadryl and everything was gone after just an hour and a steaming mug of green tea. For a long time after that, I’d made sure to only eat soy in small traces and tried to build up an immunity. I thought it worked, because recently I’ve been able to have tofu meals and soy-protein bars without any irritation whatsoever.

Until yesterday. Read the rest of this entry

Random Saturday – When the Dog Bites, When the Bee Stings…

Just as I was really starting to spring back from my TS flare-up and subsequent surgery, I have a major allergic reaction requiring yet another trip to the hospital and nearly culminating in anaphylactic shock. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway,) I am not a happy fucking camper.

In the interest of cheering myself up, this week’s Random Saturday theme is A Few of My Favorite Things. Things like…

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I’d been doing a really fantastic job of ignoring the stash in my freezer and saving it for a rainy day. Well, today there was a full-blown monsoon (figuratively speaking. It was actually a pretty nice autumn day. I’m disappointed I couldn’t enjoy it.) I’ve had three so far (four if a pack of Reese’s Pieces counts.)

    Imma eat that smile right off your face.

  2. 3 Musketeers Bars. Ditto above, although I only had one. It was King Size, though.

    For this alone, I believe Alexandre Dumas makes a perfect candidate for canonization.

  3. Homemade brownies with chocolate fudge icing. I’ve had two. One was topped with 80% dark chocolate chips. Taste buds = happy.

    Would you stop judging me if I said there were small brownies?

  4. Billy Crystal hosting the 2012 Academy Awards. Best. Decision. In. Oscar. History.

    Kind of makes up for having to deal with Anne Hathaway's stupid face during the last telecast. Kind of.

  5. Less than two weeks to Thanksgiving! Also known as the Greatest Day of the Year!

    Better brace yo'self.

  6. The Philadelphia Marathon is a week away! I’ve signed up to volunteer at the Expo, the kids’ race, and the Marathon itself. Figured it would be kinda fun and inspiring to see all these crazy awesome athletes, and maybe I might make a couple new friends. I need a social life…

    Also: I kind of hope to see someone shit their pants.

  7. After trying to resist the hype for over a year, I’ve officially decided to start watching The Walking Dead. You win this one, World of Pop Culture.

    Even though I kinda already get the "ever-growing horde of mindless zombies" vibe from the fandom.

  8. I’m almost done reading Wuthering Heights and the last Princess Diaries novel (I like reading two books at once – switching between them actually helps my focus. Plus, I like reading one in print and the other on my Nook.) Loving both right now, but I’m really excited about the next one on my To-Read list — God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales by Penn Jillette. I just need to think of another book to read alongside it. I was thinking something Austen, especially hot on the heels of Wuthering Heights – Northanger Abbey, mayhaps? Should I go with another non-fiction and get Mornings on Horseback? Or should I just give in to geek-peer-pressure and read Good Omens already? Decisions…

    I'll probably just stick with a timeless classic.

  9. Hot guys. Baby animals.

    No further comment.

Well, I’m done for the night. Feeling totally wiped out from the suckiness that was this past week, so I think I’ll go grab a Snickers bar and tuck in for bed.

The Recovery Period

So surgery went well, plus I survived a 15-hour fast!

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t nervous at all about the operation. I’d gone through it twice before with no issues, and the ENT performing it seemed perfectly capable of carrying everything through without a hitch. More than anything, I just wanted it to get done – both of my last surgeries were performed in the morning, and a noon check-in just felt so late. It took forever to go through all the pre-op procedures. But luckily I brought plenty of reading material to keep my mind occupied (Wuthering Heights, Shockaholic, some health food magazines, and Princess Diaries… what else can I say about my eclectic tastes?)

The worst part of the operation is always the IV. I’m not great with needles, and having one stuck in my hand over an extended period of time is not fun. But I’m getting better with it, and this time I barely even noticed it was there for the most part. I even watched the nurse stick me and din’t get queasy! Yay for (wo)manning up!

I had to confer with, like, 12 different doctors before they could get me in the OR. Seriously, there was the nurse, the ENT, two anesthesiologists, an attending… and I think that was it. But still! That’s a lot of “C-o-u-r-t-n-e-y; September 9, 1988; no, I am not allergic to any medicines; I last ate at 11 last night and last drank water at 5 this morning”s to recite. However, I did receive a few compliments on my recent weight-loss, so eff yeah to that!

It had to be past 2 by the time they were wheeling me into the OR, and I was rarin’ to go! I practically threw myself onto the operating table and shoved the anesthesia in my IV – I knew the sooner I went under, the sooner I’d get to wake up, go home, and dig into my pint of ice cream!

Sure enough, the next thing I know I’m back in the patient waiting area with a heated blanket and a sore throat. Operation was done! The nurse taking care of me immediately got my parents back to me. I was told I could stay longer if I had to, but I honestly wasn’t all that groggy – in fact, I was feeling pretty amped up! Weird, because I remember being dead tired after my other operations. Maybe it was because I was a professional TS patient by now, maybe it was because it was so late in the day, maybe it was because I could hear the ice cream calling my name. Whatever it was, I was all set to just get my clothes on and go home! I didn’t even want to wait for a wheelchair – just guide me to the damn car and let’s get moving, folks!

When I finally got to crash on the couch with my favorite blanket, the TV remote and (of course) a pint of Vanilla-Maple Arctic Zero, the adrenaline calmed down and I was feeling more like someone who had undergone laser surgery – the sides of my mouth felt pinched (they had to clamp my jaws open,) I had a weird taste in the back of my throat (they used a latex balloon to open that up,) and my voice was really scratchy. All totally normal, but kind of annoying. But most importantly — I could fill my lungs!! SUCCESS!

I’m feeling great breathing-wise, but still tired, sore-throated and stuffy-nosed. But most of all, I’m feeling kinda restless. These past two days have been very lazy – not much more than watching TV (so. much. TV.) and shoving food down my pie-hole. Caitlin’s dogs Chloe and Bella are over, and they’ve been awesome cuddle-buddies (except when they totally Bogart the blanket. Lame.) I managed to give my bedroom a much-needed straightening-up, so yay for being semi-productive! Tomorrow morning, Mom and I are planning to go to the Reading Terminal Market if I’m up for it. I’m hoping that by Monday I’ll be fully recovered and ready to go back to work and my daily work-outs!

One more thing: a HUGE “Thank You!” for all of the warm wishes I’ve received in the past week! I’m seriously lucky to have such fantastically supportive and caring friends – y’all rock!

Another Random Saturday

I actually rather liked my “Random” post last week. So I did it again! This might become a regular weekly thing.

  1. On Sunday, the family had a pumpkin carving party. Caitlin and Josh came with Delaney, and Annie even drove up from Maryland! I’ve never actually carved a pumpkin before – I lack the patience to scoop out the guts, and also I’m not really to be trusted with blades, so I always draw a face with markers instead. But this year I gave it a shot and carved a little owl dude! I think he came out pretty cute.

    Skills - I have 'em. Y'all jealous.

  2. The party was costume-optional. My parents and my aunt and uncle all dressed up. It was bizarre.

    Mom & Dad as gypsies

    Sue as Teresa Giudice

    Kenny as Juicy Joe Giudice

  3. I went trick-or-treating with Delaney. Y’all even more jealous.

    Her evil witch cackle needs a little work.

  4. Started a Pinterest account and now I’m obsessed. Seriously, I’ve gone insane (or should I say PINsane! Hahaha! …Please tell me I’m funny.)

    "I own your soul now."

  5. If Pinterest doesn’t wreck me, Ryan Gosling just might. This article about him is full of truth (except it neglects to mention that he was in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, which somehow makes him even hotter.) He’s almost the most perfect being in the universe. Except Hugh Jackman still exists, so sorry, Ryan.

    Still, I would not kick this out of my bed.

  6. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries… REALLY? Like, obviously. Of course. Inevitable. But still. You couldn’t stick it out through 3 months and at least pretend you aren’t complete assholes?

    Silly me. That would require acting and, by extension, talent.

  7. Thursday nights are simultaneously the greatest ever and the worst ever right now. How am I supposed to choose between The Vampire Diaries and Community + Parks and Rec every week? At least nothing touches Sunny.

    Me at 8:00 every Thursday night.

  8. Wednesday nights, on the other hand, work out just perfectly. Up All Night at 8, Suburgatory at 8:30, Modern Family at 9, half-hour break (optimal for showering,) South Park at 10. Take notes, Thursday.

    Me on every Wednesday night.

  9. The trailer for ParaNorman was released this week. Nothing short of amazing.

Top 5 Reasons Autumn is the Best. Ever.

  1. The Weather – After a hellishly hot summer, the crisp fall weather is definitely refreshing. All you need to wear is a good pair of jeans and a comfy hoodie and you’re golden!
  2. The Food – Apples, pears, cranberries, mushrooms, squash, plums, pomegranates, spinach — there are so many good fruits and veggies in season right now! I’m most excited about pumpkins and all of the “pumpkin spice” flavored specials.
  3. The Holidays – The two best days of the year for a fattie like me have got to be Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love these holidays the same way most people love Christmas (also a good day, but a little too cloying for my tastes.) They take me back to my childhood, let me spend quality time with my family and friends, and give me an excuse to gorge myself on candy and starches while calling it “patriotic.”
  4. The TV – Fall marks the start of the regular television season, and while I’m always glad for new episodes of my returning favorites, I really get excited about checking out new pilots. So far this year, I’ve added 3 new shows to my “must-watch line-up” – NBC’s Up All Night, FOX’s New Girl and The CW’s The Secret Circle (what? I’m allowed to watch obsess over paranormal teen melodramas, aren’t I?)
  5. My Hair – Not too frizzy from humidity, not too dry from cold, and a little bit redder than the rest of the year. It just looks really awesome.

So yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, I’m totally stoked about October! Autumn seems to be the most underrated season of the year, but it’s always been my favorite. Winter, spring and summer can suck it.